Why choose PC Image ?

Here’s why!! ….
  • ESTABLISHED – PC Image was formed in 2005 and has been steadily becoming one of the most highly regarded Data Recovery companies in the UK.
  • EXPERIENCED – We have many years of experience in the Data Recovery business, and having been involved in the evolution of many industry-standard tools we have the knowledge, skills and the backup of ALL the world-leading tool developers to solve your case.
  • TRUSTED – We don’t try and pretend we have umpteen offices around the UK (unlike more slippery companies who claim this, and they are nothing more than virtual offices or UPS depots!). Neither do we determine our prices on what we think the data is worth, and try and screw you for every penny we can.
  • DIRECT – You will be dealing with the people who are actually working with your device. We don’t have a sales team to pay commission to, and all work is done at our lab in Peterborough.
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING – Our pricing is fair and straightforward and once we give you a price it won’t increase, all we ask is that you agree to our minimum fee before sending a device in. In virtually all cases, we DO NOT ask for a parts fee upfront with a vague promise of recovery, like some dubious companies. The only time we’d ask for a parts fee is if the device is very badly damaged and we think chances are low, and we’d have to order a donor drive in. This is very rare (less than 0.1%) , and in some cases we do strongly advise AGAINST a recovery attempt but the decision is entirely up to the client.
  • RESPECTED – If you search us online or various forums, you’ll see that we have a good following and get recommended time and time again. Checkout testimonials on this site!
  • EQUIPPED – We have everything necessary to run a professional Data Recovery lab to ensure we have the highest chances of recovery, even when others fail… Class 100 cleanroom environment, all the best tools and devices from the WORLD CLASS developers including Ace Laboratories, Deepspar, HDD Surgery, Rusolut, Soft Center and more.
  • SOLID BUSINESS MODEL – We do not spend £1,000’s on aggressive marketing on search engines, we do not employ sales personnel, we do not spend £1,000’s on fancy websites. We prefer to get our business from recommendation, repeat business and word-of-mouth. This way we can keep our prices reasonable and concentrate on what we do best, recovering your data!
  • BEST CHANCES OF RECOVERY – We get enough work to keep us busy all the time without advertising, so we do not need to promise “cheapest prices in UK” or other such statements. So we do not “cherry pick” all the easy jobs from vast quantities of drives sent in by people who have been “lured” into sending their devices in by fictitious “to good to be true” low prices. So we can spend the time and go that extra mile to give YOUR data the bets possible chances of recovery.

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